Welcome! I am a ceramic artist and art lover who is particularly fond of figurative sculpture and illustration, printmaking, historical fashion, vintage photos and illustration, and fairy tales. Enjoy!

Chandra DeBuse makes a treat server.

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"That would be all the better wouldn’t it?"

"What separates human from animal? What borders exist between real and imagined, beautiful and repugnant, animate and inanimate?" Lindsay Pichaske (2013 NCECA Emerging Artist)

Low-fire ceramic, artificial flower petals, adhesive, paint

Pecking Order, 2011, Low-fire ceramic, sunflower seeds, beet dye, acrylic paint

Darwin’s Muse, 2012, Low-fire ceramic, 26190 sequins, paint, adhesive, steel bracket

Aristotle’s Foil, 2010, Low-fire ceramic, artificial flower petals, milk paint, oil paint

Where You End and I Begin, 2012, Low-fire ceramic, rooster feathers, flocking, paint, adhesive

The Matriarch, 2012, Low-fire ceramic, sticks, paint, resin, steel, found object (base)

Piece by Lindsay Pichaske, one of the Emerging Artists at NCECA this year.

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Piece by Lindsay Pichaske, one of the Emerging Artists at NCECA this year.

"All the rest was a different as possible."

Kevin Rohde

"They all sat down at once, in a large ring, with the Mouse in the middle."

“In increasingly urbanized and nature-deprived societies around the world our most intimate connection with nature tends to be with plants and animals that we have drastically altered through the process of domestication. Wild animals have been turned into pets, genetically sculpted into sweeter, cuter, less dangerous versions of themselves, permanently altered by mans effort to fulfill our own need for relentless love, assistance, amusement and companionship.” - Bethany Krull


“Pretty Please”


“Sweatered Sphinx”

“In Servitude”

“Surrogate (Ducky Duck)”

“Surrogate (Monkey Baby)”


“Starter Pet Adaptation (Toy Rocket)”

"It was sneezing and howling alternately without a moment’s pause."

“My work is an exploration of themes involving the human condition, including sex, death, and our dependency on particular relationships. Through the figure, I am interested in expressing that hidden ineffable aspect of ourselves. We are all susceptible to the lure of our own realities, memories, experiences, and of course we are all vulnerable to our flesh. I think these ideas forge a common connection between all of us that is unbreakable. There is something very primitive and visceral about the need to recognize and relate to another being. We often cling to things that are precious to us, whether it is a relationship, object, or a sense of security. Consequently we tend to disregard the tenuousness of security and stability.” - Christine Golden

“Flying with Waxed Wings”


“Memento I”

“Memento II”


“Lick Me, Love Me”