Welcome! I am a ceramic artist and art lover who is particularly fond of figurative sculpture and illustration, printmaking, historical fashion, vintage photos and illustration, and fairy tales. Enjoy!

"I dare say you never even spoke to Time!"

"Metamorphosis, transition, and evolution provide the common threads of the art of Anne Bachelier. The artist captivates her audience with compelling, highly imaginative images that are distinct, unique, inventive and immediately recognizable. Her metaphysical, dream-like fantasies evoke feelings simultaneously powerful, peaceful, and protective. This unique “other” world, untouched by time or place, reminds the viewer of the eternal dance of transformation and regeneration.” - CFM Gallery

Les Regrets

L’Art de la divination

Cette nuit…dans les hautes herbes

Les Gestes du mystere

Mad Tea Party, Illustration for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and What She Found There


Passe le temps sur la belle au bois dormant

Alice Dreaming

Here is my “Alice Dreaming” piece all done! It is ceramic and 14” tall.

Wonderland Figurines

Here are my 3 “Wonderland Figurines” all done! They are ceramic and each measure 6-8 inches.

The White Rabbit in his court attire.

Alice & the baby pig.

& The Mad Hatter, which also functions as sort of a drinking vessel.

I’m so happy with how they turned out. :]