Welcome! I am a ceramic artist and art lover who is particularly fond of figurative sculpture and illustration, printmaking, historical fashion, vintage photos and illustration, and fairy tales. Enjoy!

Graduate School

In the fall, I will begin my 3 year journey towards a MFA in ceramics at  Edinboro University of Pennsylvania!

I am super excited to start this next adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you through this blog.


The 28th annual Alabama Clay Conference was held in February. It was a wonderful weekend full of artists, demonstrations, vendors, lectures (including Garth Clark, Bonnie Kemske, and Magdalene Odundo), and community!

I was asked to be a demonstrating artist assistant this year, so I got to help Dirk Staschke by using his press-molds to make vegetables for his sculpture. Dirk was a nice guy and I had a fabulous experience!

Here are a few photos of the demonstrating artists at work!

Dirk Staschke

Kurt Weiser

Gerit Grimm

My husband and I will be selling ceramics, cards, and prints at this event!
We hope to see you there!

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My husband and I will be selling ceramics, cards, and prints at this event!

We hope to see you there!

Monarch Jogs: A Tumblelog: An Analysis of Proposed Constitutional Amendments in the State of Alabama for the 2012 Election →


Note: I imagine this post will only be relevant to you if you are a resident of Alabama.

Alabama’s laws often make no sense—literally. What’s worse is that if you asked someone affiliated with the state legislature to explain the latest round of proposed constitutional amendments, odds are that…

ALCC 28 Presenters

Preparations are under way for the 28th annual Alabama Clay Conference! It will be in Birmingham again and will be February 21st - 24th, 2013. The theme will be…figurative! The presenters scheduled are:

Dirk Staschke!

Kurt Weiser!

Annnd… Gerit. Grimm. !!!


Also, big news!, I have been asked (along with 2 good friends and my husband) to assist the presenters! Here is hoping February is closer than it feels!